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Hi everyone,
Welcome to Open Line Support. This site is an independent private site for the sole use of sharing information about Carrier Open Line controls. It is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Carrier Corp.

So with that being said, the goal here is to provide a free flowing source of information regarding open line controls. Please keep it friendly and positive, especially towards other members. Jagoff behavior will not be tolerated. 

Also, we are not here to bash or badmouth Carrier or the product line, that is just counter productive. We are here to help each other become more efficient with the product line and also to provide "Positive feedback" about the product. By positive feedback, I don't necessarily mean every comment has to pure sugar sweet, it can be constructive. But it should be presented in a positive manner that's all.

Ok, enough for now. Please enjoy and try to stay engaged, forums like only work when we all participate!

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